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A few years ago I started thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life and I came up with the following plan. First I have always loved Science and Technology - Model Airplanes of all types, (paper airplanes, Free Flight, Control Line, and R/C ) have always been a big part of my life.

Airplanes are of course challenging and fun to fly - I have always been interested in learning new techniques in building, designs, and in the materials used. After I first went into the first military then into the civilian work force I realized that modeling created an outlet for one's creative inspirations, just as Art or Music does.

While working in Japan my local Hobby Shop owner and Friend Miyaoka-san showed me a Kalt Baron 20 with Collective Pitch and my mechanical soul was instantly turned on to Helicopters in addition to Airplanes! Domo Arigato Miyaoka-san! Then I decided to spend the rest of my life doing what I really want to do most of all and along the way to help others realize their dreams at the same time - Helos Aviation Technologies LLC was born.

My mission is to create a business to enjoy and take care of my family and to help others to enjoy their Hobby and to develop their Creative Talents as much as possible. To do this I will find a few really great products and work to develop others. I want to encourage others to develop their skills and their ideas. We need all generations to learn and develop ideas, advance science and engineering, and to develop a sprite of helping others to do the same.

James Austin Mahoney

On deciding to move to Germany I decided to restart my business as Mahoney Technologies GmbH to allow an association with a wider range of products and Technologies.

James Austin Mahoney

Managing Director

American Nationality

Dwi Anoraganingrum

Deputy Managing Director
Indonesian Nationality
Team from Indonesia Consult RS GmbH

Rolf Schleyer

Deputy Managing Director
German Nationality
Team from Indonesia Consult RS GmbH